teachingIn both first-year and advanced composition courses, as well as in MA and PhD courses, I employ a variety of tools and activities to expose my students to multiple perspectives and demonstrate the fact that writing is a social act. I take pride in carefully crafted syllabi that transparently scaffold activities toward learning goals, and I practice universal design to ensure all activities and technologies are accessible to all students.


General Education
ENGL 101: Composition 1 (IUP)
ENGL 202: Composition II (IUP)
UWP 1: Expository Writing (UC Davis)
ENGL 101: Introduction to Composition (Ashford University)

Upper-Division Undergraduate
ENGL 360: Editing & Publishing (IUP)
UWP 101: Advanced Composition (UC Davis)
EDU 185: Learning in a Digital Age (UC Davis)

ENGL 632: Composition Theories & Practices (IUP)
ENGL 705/805: Language & Social Context (IUP)
ENGL 833: Theories of Composition (IUP)
ENGL 846: Advanced Seminar in Collaborative Learning & Digital Authorship (IUP)




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